5 Questions I ask before setting my New Year’s Goals

(and you should too!)

The Christmas clean up is in full force at my house.  We are finding spots for all the boys’ new toys, all the Christmas dishes have been washed, Christmas linens are in the dryer and slowly my house is returning to its normal state.  It is now full steam ahead to the New Year.

I am a girl who loves the possibility of a New Year, a fresh slate with 365 days of possibility stretching out before me.  I get giddy when my new planner (yup, I’m still a paper planner girl) arrives in the mail and New Year’s goals are my jam.  But before I launch head long into goal setting, I like to look back on the last year and ask myself a few questions.  These questions help me reflect on where I am, where I’ve been and where I want to go.


  1.  When did you feel like you were at your best?  I like to goal set from a place of positivity.  Focusing on the times when I felt like I was operating at my best helps me do that. After looking back at my year and analyzing the times that I felt I was operating at my best I realized that the times I felt like I was at my best I was connected (to others, to my work, or to my own intuition), balanced, and creative.
  2. What made you happiest? When you think back on the last year, when were you the most happy?  For me, it was the summer.  When I dig a little deeper into that there are three pieces that I think are my keys: the sun, my family, and water.
  3. What three words would you use to describe 2016?  How do those words make you feel?  Are they build you up words or tear you down words?  My 2016 words were busy, family, and fast.
  4. What is one thing you would not like to repeat next year?  Knowing what to say no to, will help make space for all the things you want more of in your life. From a business perspective I loaded the end of the year with a ton of sessions.  It left me feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions at the exact time that I wanted to be focusing more on my family.  I don’t want to make that mistake again next year.
  5. What was missing from last year? What areas of your life did you neglect?  I neglected me last year (hello Moms of the World – are you with me on this one?)  Specifically, I didn’t give much space to taking care of my physical or my spiritual health.
Do you have a way you like to reflect on the last year?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.
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