Nice to meet you

I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and a kick ass friend.

I’m a coffee addict and a loooooooover of good wine and cheese and all things chocolate covered caramel. I want to have less and feel more. I need the sun and live to have my toes in the ocean. I breathe deeper in summer and get through winters with over-sized knit blankets, hot cinnamon tea and an overdose of snuggles.

And when everything else is stripped away, at my core, I am a mom.

I breathe them in, grass and sweat and sleep muddled with the faint smell of baby lotion. My boys. Their heart beats are the music of my days and their steady breaths are my meditation. I did not know my purpose, I did not know THIS love, until I became their mom.

They make me see the beauty in the details. They help me see the everyday magic; moments that transcend the ordinary, the mess, the schedules and the chores and make me catch my breath because right here, this very moment, is pure perfection. They made me a storyteller, my pen is a camera, my paper is a picture. Ours’ is my first novel.

I want yours’ to be my next. Motherhood – pure, simple and beautiful.

Life isn’t about counting the minutes but capturing the moments that count

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