Everyday Magic – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my everyday magic series, AKA the grand finale.  If you missed part 1 and 2 click on over and catch up.

Part 1: Where it all began

Part 2: The saga continues

Copy of Mark Twain

As I wrap up  this trip down memory lane there are a couple of things I’ve learned, from my camera and from you.

My camera taught me once again to see magic.  I see it in, those moments that emerge in the middle of piles of laundry, quarreling children, lists and dirty dishes.  Those moments that transcend the monotony of the every day and make your soul tingle.  Those moments when your eyes brim with tears and your heart feels like it could burst out of your chest.  Moments where everything feels, well pretty darn perfect. Glennon from Momastery calls these moments Kairos.  I call it everyday magic.

What I’ve learned over these last few years, from working with you, is that we are all desperately hanging onto the days that are flying by.  The minutes may be long, but gosh those years seem to be getting shorter!  And we all want to connect.  We want to feel like we are part of a bigger tribe.  We want to BE part of a bigger tribe.  A tribe that understands and supports and inspires.  A tribe that shares the struggle and the magic.

So here we are.  At the end of our trip down memory lane, in this space together today. And here’s what I know, I want to serve my clients, friends and community in way that goes beyond annual photo sessions.  I want to connect with you and I want you to connect with each other.  I want to share what I know with magic makers who desperately want to capture a bit of that magic and save it for the future.  And I want to learn from you too.

So I’m going to fill the pages of this blog with things that inspire me.  I’m going to fill the pages with photo tips and mom stories and a whole lot of love.  And I hope it inspires you to look for a bit of that everyday magic and bottle it up, for days when you may need a reminder that there really is magic in the World and even if things seem black and white – the color’s still there, you just might need a new lens.

So this brings me to you.  There are three ways I’d love you join me.

First, because connection is so much more than a one way street I’ve created a little space over at Facebook where we can connect with each other.  It’s a community that I hope will grow and thrive on our collective goal of capturing a bit of that everyday magic and sharing it with each other.  I hope it grows into a safe place where us magic makers can build a tribe.  If the thought of this makes your heart all happy, and you are all down with your magic making awesomeness, I’d love for you to join me at https://www.facebook.com/groups/aspeverydaymagic/

Second, if you want to get some magic bombs to you inbox every once in a while or you aren’t a fan of FB but don’t want to miss out on stuff you can sign up for emails http://eepurl.com/bzdSnX

The content I create for this community will always be free.  It’s my gift to my fellow magic makers!  I’ve already received so many gifts from you.

Disclaimer/fine print/: Those session shares aren’t going away.  I’m still a photographer whose heartsong is all wrapped up in the wonderfulness of newborn sessions and the breathtaking bond of mother and child.  And as long as I have clients who trust me with their memories, I’ll be sharing their beautiful families for all to see.  There’s just gonna be a whole lot of other stuff going on right along side it.

Who’s ready for to be part of the #everdaymagic


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