What’s the Best Time for your Photo Session?

I’m often asked what time is the best time to schedule your family’s photo session.  My answer – how about sunrise? –  is usually met with wide eyes, and disbelief.

Oh how I understand that response.  After all, we’re  sleep deprived parents trying to get a car full of little ones dressed, fed and out the door while looking halfway alive and pulled together.

But what waits on the other side of that morning hustle and hurried car ride is oh, so worth it.

There is nothing quite as magical as the soft warmth of the early morning sun.  There is no amount of Photoshop trickery that can mimic the sweet glow of sunrise.  It’s just the most perfect lighting for capturing the love and beauty of your family.

And here’s the good news – that Photoshop trickery? It’s perfect for removing those early morning bags from under mom and dad’s eyes.


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